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About Zyger

Zyger is a website design company based in Cape Town, South Africa. At Zyger, we offer a comprehensive website solution, catering to all aspects of the website design process, including web hosting, maintenance and marketing services.

We pride ourselves on our simple and efficient approach, offering a hassle-free, tailor made service, to suit each client’s individual needs.

"At Zyger, our goal is to ensure that from the very beginning to the very end, all aspects of the projects we undertake are covered. We do our very best to keep and maintain an excellent quality standard when carrying out our various services."

Our Vision

"What separates Zyger from other website design companies, is not only do we design, build and maintain websites, but we also provide a variety of web hosting services utilising our strategic partners as well. We’re dedicated and focus on providing the very best services possible to our clients."

Our goal is simple, to provide our clients with cost effective, efficient and simply ways to enhance their experience online and to provide the very best web based products and services possible. As a company, we want to grow as well as expand and create new and better ways for both our clients and partners to develop themselves and their businesses.

We can assure all of our clients as well as our strategic partners that we will do our utmost best to always look at better ways to improve how we conduct our business. We are also always more than happy to look at ideas and recommendations provided to us by our clients and partners on how to improve certain business operations, products and services.

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We’d hope so as there is still plenty of information available regarding our products and services as well as our incredible payment system Z-Pay to learn more about. Take a browse through the below list of additional information regarding Zyger to find out more...

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Z-Pay (Zyger Pay) is Zyger’s easy payment option. Providing clients with easy payment options has opened up opportunities for all sorts of businesses to build their ideal website at any size, with any functions in easily payable amounts over a 12 month period interest free.

Z-Pay plans work with an initial deposit (which differs in percentage based on total project cost) and a 12 month payment plan covering the balance due. We do charge an additional 10% of the total project price to cover debiting facilities and admin charges. Besides that, there are no other costs and your site is completely paid after the 12 month period.

You’ll find a variety of our products available with Z-Pay options. There are however, terms and conditions regarding our Z-Pay option though. So be sure to take some time to read through our Z-Pay page here if you would like to learn more.

You’ve learnt about the relationship between Zyger and Umanix and how these two companies partnered up but over the last few years, since Zyger’s establishment we have partnered up with other companies to provide our clients with the best web based services available.

Some of these partners include...

  • Umanix
  • Template Monster
  • Theme Forest
  • WooThemes
  • CloudFlare
  • Symantec
  • Rapid SSL
  • Thawte
  • GeoTrust
  • Comodo
  • PayGate
  • My Gate
  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • PayFast
  • Peach Payments

As Zyger has grown in size so has it’s client base. The team behind Zyger came up with an idea to help promote and market its clients by developing alternative sites that focused on a key industry.

The main focus was purely to help and promote our clients. These alternate, sub-sites became ‘directories’ that focused on driving a particular type of traffic stream. We had found that we were developing a lot of sites for clients from the building / construction, fitness and fashion industries and figured why not develop a way to help promote these clients by creating a marketing solution for all of them. The directory idea was born and we developed; Green Blood, BBCon and Benfatto.

Each website has a directory entry and information regarding our clients spread throughout the partner site with direct weblinks directing new visitors to our clients' very own websites. By developing these alternative websites to assist our clients we have also created a means to market ourselves as well. This is yet another way Zyger is helping its clients to grow and prosper.

Zyger is a broad based black economic empowerment company. We seek to promote and uplift individuals who have a historically disadvantaged background by providing business opportunities.

Being a BEE company, we love to see young, up and coming designers walk through our doors and do our utmost best to teach and improve our designer’s skills and abilities. By working with Zyger, utilising our services and purchasing our products you are helping us develop and promote B-BEEE within South Africa.

Being a company that services a variety of individuals and businesses we have developed policies to protect both ourselves and our clients in all aspects of how we conduct our business.

We do our very best to ensure that our policies are fair and protect the consumer in all regards. We are constantly updating and improving our policies to better the way in which we do business. All of our policies can be viewed on our website at all times.

We have a variety of easily accessible web based products that our clients can take full advantage of.

Our all-inclusive website design and hosting packages:

These design packages include a variety of benefits to the client as they are affordable and include everything you need to design, build and host your website. These packages are subscription based services and utilise our very own Z-Pay easy payment option.


This is by far our most popular service as it is an incredibly useful and cost effective plan for businesses of any size. Hybrid hosting is our standard premium hosting services with an editing retainer included. The editing retainer / perks covers basic alterations to the client’s website on a monthly basis. Each month has a certain amount of editing hours where the client can can contact Zyger design team and request editing to be carried out to the website. There is however certain alterations we do not include with our Hybrid-Hosting plans such as graphic design work, website transfers and template changes to mention a few. Read more about Hybrid-Hosting here.

Zygers’s pay per month / website rental design based service:

Due to popular demand we created a new system for clients to purchase and pay for their websites by utilising our website rental plans. How it works is we simply charge clients, from the very beginning when they decide to purchase / subscribe to the service, a flat rental fee to set up and build their website. We refer to these plans as ‘rental plans’ as until the subscription period is paid for in full, the website remains the property of Zyger. Once this 2 year period id over the website can be released if need be to the client and moved to wherever they would like it moved. These rental plans also include a Hybrid-Hosting plan which means that the website can be altered monthly for the client. It is a cost effective way to set-up a website and at the same time build onto that same website too. Hybrid-Hosting is a great way to edit and alter your website at a reduced rate. View below for more info about Hybrid Hosting.