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Our Services

Take an in depth look at the various services Zyger offers its clients. One of our core objectives is to help our clients grow their business and succeed in anyway we can. You can trust in Zyger to provide you with highly quality services through and through.

Zyger offers a comprehensive website solution, catering to every aspect of the website design process, including; web hosting, video, photography, maintenance as well as marketing services.

  • Design

    Zyger’s graphic designers are professionals within the graphics design and graphic arts industries. Our designers always ensure that whichever project they undertake the end result is nothing less than exceptional. Client satisfaction is a top priority when finalising a project.

  • Development

    Website design covers a very broad range of services including content building, digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), web hosting, and website maintenance. At Zyger, we cover all of these services, making us the ideal solution for all of your website design needs. All of the essential web based services, from one company!

  • Marketing

    Digital marketing has become an essential tool for drawing attention to your business. With the way people utilise technology today it makes sense to create a digital footprint of some sort to promote your brand or business. At Zyger we offer an extensive variety of digital marketing solutions to our clients with our core service being website design.

  • Hosting

    Are you in need of a stable and efficient hosting plan that keeps your web based services up and running twenty-four, seven? Not only that but includes a superb maintenance plan that covers any editing requirements needed to your website that’s carried out by a brilliant and highly capable support team? Zyger has the ideal product for you.

  • IT Services

    No only are we a design company but we also offer a variety of based I.T. services, such as networking & hardware repairs & sales. Aligning ourselves with Umanix has allowed Zyger to offer its clients a variety of I.T. services. Now you don’t just have a company taking care of your digital services but your hardware as well.


See what some of our clients have to say about Zyger...

Shay West

Personal Trainer
ATTN: Zyger We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team behind Zyger Design. Well done guys, you have completely blown us away with your talent and design skills. We could not be any happier with the Kaiju website and brand as a whole as it is right now. Everything works incredibly well together and just looks brilliant. Myself and the rest of the crew here at Kaiju would like to yet commend Zyger for their skills and give a huge thank you to them. We give our recommendation to anyone looking to build, develop or design anything. These guys do it all and they do it in impeccable style!

Truly yours, Shay West

Adele van Straaten

Personal Trainer
and Sales Manager
Ambition… Our brand is based on that very word, we are always looking for means and ways to push forward and better than anyone else. This is exactly what Zyger represents as well and they are, without a doubt, the only company I would I’d recommend to anyone looking to develop or design anything. Not only has Zyger been the developers behind the Ehrgeiz website but the designers behind the fashion brand as well. Without Zyger Ehrgeiz would not exist, we are partners till the end!

Long live Zyger!, Adele van Straaten

There is no project to big or to small, we'll handle anything & everything web based. Send us an email, give us a call or even arrange a meeting at our offices and meet our team.

The team at Zyger has over 10 years worth of design and marketing experience behind them. This enables the designers work at Zyger to build highly advanced websites that include stunning layouts which are both pleasing to the eye, fully functional and easy to navigate through.

Client Support

Contact our support team in various ways i.e. telephone, SKYPE, WhatsApp or email correspondence.

Free Consultation

Consult our design specialists at no charge, anytime if you have any questions regarding Zyger our services or products.

Cost Efficiency

You’ll learn that by using our services you can spend less without compromising the end result of your project.

Project Management

Thorough planning of our daily activities allows us to achieve even the most challenging goals promptly.

Quality Guarantee

We are committed to top end quality and guarantee services and products meeting the highest standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Rely on Zyger for all of your design needs and we won’t only justify your trust, but we’ll also surpass your expectations.

Individual Approach

For maximum efficiency our designers take an individual approach to each and every project entrusted to them.

Client Communication

We stay in touch with our clients at all times making them aware of new services, as well as product updates.

Zyger offers a variety of web based, marketing and design services that include the following; graphic design, photography shoots, web development, online marketing, website maintenance, SEO (Search engine optimization), e-commerce, template tuning/customization and a whole lot more.

Zyger is your one stop website design, building, maintenance and hosting solution.
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"At Zyger, our goal is to ensure that from the very beginning to the very end, all aspects of the projects we undertake are covered. We do our very best to keep and maintain an excellent quality standard when carrying out our various services."

- Zayne Isaacs