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Web Development.

We build WordPress websites according best practice and we build for the end-user. We cater to every need and requirement whether it be for individuals wanting to express themselves digitally via a blogging website, building an online store for business looking to promote and sell their products and services to an online audience.

Zyger offers an excellent website design service for it’s clients aimed at various sized businesses and individuals looking to create a website. Like mentioned before we offer a comprehensive design service that covers every aspect of the process to designing and building a website. Every project is unique!

WordPress is our specialty

WordPress has become an incredibly popular web based platform to work with for many individuals and businesses. We have completed many very successful WordPress sites for clients ranging from bloggers to big corporate companies. Our teams of highly talented designers will create a tailor made site that meets all your requirements. You can be rest assured that if you decide to build your WordPress website with us you’ll end up with a masterpiece of a website.

Ecommerce solutions

Making ecommerce simpler! Ecommerce is the next step for any business to expand their selling capacity to an online client-base. Creating a powerful and profitable online store is by far one the most important investments a business owner can make. Besides having access to a broader variety of customers, when taking that ‘digital’ step you are also opening up another means to increase cash flow into your business. With an online store up and running you are able to sell products to anyone and anywhere which is an integral part to expanding a business.

Website Maintenance

After a website has been built there are always ways to improve the way it functions and operates. Website maintenance is an integral part to the development and up-keep of a website. At Zyger, we understand how important maintaining a website can be, and offer comprehensive website maintenance services to all of our clients.

Digital Design

Altering the look and feel of your website can have many benefits. Keeping up with latest trends and shows customers that your business is constantly active and evolving. This ultimately will help clients potentially select your company for projects or utilise your company’s services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a really great looking website is just the beginning to running a solid and beneficial online marketing strategy. In order to really benefit from your website is by drawing in new traffic to your website. Ensuring that your website is easily found online is a crucial aspect to increasing potential business through your website. This process is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and entails the modification and optimisation of various aspects to the website.


View some of the various works and projects our team has been involved in. Every item, website, graphic and illustration was built or created by the incredibly talented team at Zyger.

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