Zyger designs and builds
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Zyger IT Services.

Not only are we a design company but we also offer a variety of based I.T. services, such as networking & hardware repairs & sales.

Aligning ourselves with Umanix has allowed Zyger to offer its clients a variety of I.T. services. Now you don’t just have a company taking care of your digital services but your hardware as well. There is a wide range of I.T. services on offer as well as a variety of hardware purchasing options which include:


Full Network Installations

Basic & Advanced Network Repairs

Hardware sales

Desktop Computers and accessories

Laptops, Notebooks and accessories

Server hardware


Full Network Installations

Desktop and Laptop Computer & Accessory Installations

Server installations


Basic & Advanced Network Repairs

Desktop Computer, Laptop & Notebook Repairs

Server repairs and backups

Firewall based services

Integration, installation & maintenance


View some of the various works and projects our team has been involved in. Every item, website, graphic and illustration was built or created by the incredibly talented team at Zyger.

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If you are interested in the services listed above please feel free to contact our team for a quote. We also have a few of the above services available for immediate purchase or subscription in our store.